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We’ve Moved


On Sunday, December 1, 2019, we were the victim of an arson fire.  We were fortunate no one was hurt, or worse; and our local firefighters were able to save our building from a complete and total loss.  Without power, heat, or water in the building, on Monday we quickly moved into our current building at 111 South Third Avenue on the corner of Third and Walnut.  We have called this location our home ever since.  

Once the fire was out, we started working with our local officials, our builder, our insurance company, and many other partners and expect (we hope!) to move back home sweet home on October 31, 2021!  

Fortunately, we are not moving far – just next door. Our current home will be occupied by our friends at Bonnie and Clyde’s Automotive Center.  All you need to do is come see us next door at 105 South Third Avenue starting on Halloween of 2021.

If you are coming from Third Avenue, park on the street and our entrance will be under the historical Picatti Bros. sign.  If coming from the back, take the alley between 2nd and 3rd Avenue’s and drive past the current shop door to our newly renovated shop entrance under the yellow crane on the back deck.  Just back up under the crane rail and enter the door next to the big white barn doors. 

Don’t Worry

Fear not – we have kept everything you loved about our 1937 building but made it better.  We have a new roof, new utilities, new windows, and a fresh new look.  We salvaged all the fabulous history and instead of hiding it behind sheetrock and suspended ceilings, we display it proudly for all to see.  For those of you who remember “coming to Picatti’s” as a child with your dad, you will instantly recognize this iconic downtown Yakima building.  

Our architect and builder teams spent countless hours with our family to ensure to renovate our building to its once former glory, not remodel to something it is not.  Our building tells a story, and we want everyone to hear, see and experience that story as told by a building originally built in 1937 for a family business started in 1928.  That is why we uncovered the original construction wood, brick, and concrete to share with our employees, family, customers, and community.  It may not be the most expensive building in Yakima, but it certainly is unique to its’ roots.


Our customers in agriculture, ranch and dairy, home and garden, commercial real estate, and municipal, each can experience their essence in our building in different ways.  Come and see how you are represented in our newly renovated home. 

We also wanted the building to represent the four elements from which we work – earth, water, air, and fire.  Picatti Brothers at its’ core is in the business of water delivery and agricultural service. We meticulously renovated architectural elements to pay homage to our earth that with our engineering and service, provides life-giving water.  As an engineering company since 1928, we pride ourselves on the meticulous details in our solutions and want to share that same level of detail in the building that provides our service to our customers.  Come experience our new building and see if you can see these elements in our engineering design and renovation.