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Picatti Brothers’ 90th Anniversary Vintage Car Parade

November 21, 2018

Historic Neon Sign Returns to Downtown Yakima The Yakima Police Department, a parade of vintage vehicles, and local Boy Scouts assembled to commemorate this historic event in November. The large neon sign, which was installed in 1948 but replaced with a more contemporary sign in the 1970s, is well known by the Yakima community. The…

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What No One Knows About Hydroelectricity on the Columbia River

June 21, 2018

Most history credits Grand Coulee Dam with being the first hydroelectric generation facility on the Columbia River. However, many people do not know that Hanford Irrigation Company purchased a hydroelectric turbine from Picatti Brothers, which was installed at Priest Rapids, WA and became operational in 1934. Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company (now Siemens Electric) manufactured the turbine/generator…

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